Bapstaton is the first humanoid robot encountered. He is the cousin of Maddaton.



According to Maddaton, he is shy. Seeing to it that he leaves his robot body no matter the protagonists actions, he is sensitive. He is mostly quiet and polite, but when one gets to know him, he is funloving, caring and compassionate, and a bit loud.


He has grey metal "skin" and black hair. he has eyes that resemble human eyes, and moss green pupils. He has darker grey metal parts on his face. He has a large jug of water on his back and two smaller ones in his legs. They have silver tubes on the spouts, and the ones on his legs connect to his thighs and the one of his back connects to his neck. He runs on liquid coolant.

He has a black neck and black spiked shoulderpiece. He has a dark green chestpiece, black pants and dark green boots. He has dark green elbow length gloves.


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