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In this AU, Dummy is replacing the restaurant owner (Grillby in Undertale).


As dummy, but she wears a black tie and jacket. She also have arms.

In Battle

Send at you cups and glasses to avoid.


  • Friends: Everybody
  • Neutral: None
  • Hate: None


The dummy took the place of Grillby due to his part-time job as dummy, they are associates.

Trivia & Quotes

-Often seen with Grillby, they are a great team, monsters very like their restaurant.

-The Dummy is very nice to peoples and never get out of nerves.


Every Routes:
Welcome everyone, tonight it's my night! My special drink for everyone!!!
— Dummy (DarkTale) when you arrived to grillby's
Genocide Route:
Everyone please, go outside, I will take care of this trouble maker myself. I know what you have made. You are a dirty murderer, I will stop you, I don't want that my customers which like you to see me killing you. Prepare to die!!
— Dummy (DarkTale) feeling her fate coming

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