Do not edit without DariusRocks permission . Dumb!Sans is sans but dumb .


( yes its suppose to be awkward)

so um hi I'm sans and I guess I'm um Awkward? maybe so um yeah any way I also get side tracked sometimes I'm goofy if I'm energized and um yeah so I don't have vary much of a personality a nd I'm not rally shy nor edgy man hot headed or any of the above also for some reason people call me dumb and say I don't know what I'm talking about

so um yeah I guess.

my second theme


Back story

so I don't really have a back story but I can tell you a story! I guess.


  • so um let see I have Def its where I scream at the top of my lunges and it hurts peoples ears I guess
  • and I have all of san s attacks
  • I'm pretty quick s o almost super speed but not quit
  • an d people also say I can I don't know control stuff like souls and now? I can um do this
  • and yea h

Weakness es

  • people say I'm dumb and don't understand things
  • they also say I'm not vary good at planning
  • also I'm not vary good at dodging
  • so yeah

Relation ships

none ( I' m s o al on e )

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