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Originally two drinks ruled over the fountain COFFEE and SODA. But then, caffeine broke out between the two drinks. After a long battle, the coffee was victorious. They sealed the soda in a bottle with a magic cap.

Many years after... BT. Ebott 201X Legends say those who climb the bottle never return.


  • The Human Souls are coffee flavors. The Monster souls are sodas. The Souls called DRNKS
  • Chara and Frisk don't share a soul.
  • Monster souls last like humans
  • Human Souls last for awhile but dissipates after 100 centuries.
  • Alphys has a known gender of Male


  • Frapprisk (Frisk)
  • Cappuccinara (Chara)
  • Fantawey (Flowey)
  • Crushriel (Toriel)
  • Sansacola (sans)
  • Pepirus (PAPYRUS)
  • 7 Updyne (Undyne)
  • Dr. Pephis (Dr. Alphys)
  • Mountaton (Mettaton)
  • Sungore (Asgore)
  • Ginger Alester (☝✌💧❄☜☼)




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