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"Act the unactable, Spare the unsparable, Row Row fight the flower!"
– Most Incredible Soldier from [the] Underground

Drilltale is a Crossover AU between the wonderful world of determination known as Undertale, and the world of hot-blooded determination known as Gurren Lagann. Both series are known for their use of nothing but sheer willpower being used to achieve the protagonist's goals, though this is presented in different ways. Here, it's represented by this Universe's version of Frisk using not just simple Determination, but also a charismatic drive behind it that helps to turn many established concepts on their heads. Given the fact TTGL is an anime, this makes more sense than it likely should.


Frisk had been living through the various timelines for a while, now. Ever since his first reset at the shock of being unable to figure out how Toriel's boss battle worked, and the outcome leaving her dust on his hands, he resolved to keep trying things over and over in hopes of finding a better way. To SAVE and RELOAD, each time making a little more progress out of trial and error in hopes of finding everything his curiosity could get sated by, eventually coming to find various endings - never by hurting them, never killing them for fear of what might happen to him.

At least until he began to remember more of his life before he fell underground. With a father serving as a boxer, completely uncaring about his son, and his mother... well. There was a reason he ran away from home to Fall Down in the first place. But it got Frisk thinking: if being nice, Sparing others and showing them Mercy was the way to bring about a peaceful end to everything at the cost of the flower, then what would happen if he began to touch upon his ability to Fight on purpose? Not to kill, but to try and see if his skills there could help find a better way?

There wasn't any sort of warning before he started his lastest, current timeline with a warm, powerful feeling flowing through him. It was LV, but after the initial panic came the realization that it felt good to be so capable of fighting for what he believed in: a better future.

The timeline progressed in a way that seemed normal. The encounters, the fights, were driven with a frantic energy that made it clear over time exactly why the war was fought so long ago - both humans and monsters enjoyed the feeling of power - and why the humans thought it would be a good idea for them to lose that power to seal the monsters, which were outright made of it, underground. Frisk knew they deserved better, so he fought, persuaded, won over his friends and then fought and persuaded some more, just because he could.

When the time came for Frisk to fight Asgore, he had the whole of the Underground cheering him on. Perhaps this same method could be used to, for once, find an outcome that didn't involve the evil flower killing the guy. Or Toriel rescuing them, just for the flower to become a god and to then destroy and remake everything.

Instead, Frisk got both, in a phenomenon the resident Gaster called 'Conflicting Ending Flags.' We don't talk about the horror involved with Alpha Flowey and Omega Asriel. But the end result was Frisk using his Determination, his Drill, to pierce the barrier with the backings of all his friends... and when the Dust cleared, Asgore was gone in favor of the goatboy's return.

But the monsters don't want to fight another war, despite fully believing in their power that they can win over the humans' technology. So Frisk, Sans, and Alphys are currently searching for ways to utilize their new, refined type of Determination - Spiral Power - in the hopes that they can find other AUs and learn from them how best to proceed.


  • Frisk = Simon
  • Chara = The Anti-Spiral
  • Flowey/Asriel = Nia
  • Toriel = Rossiu
  • Asgore = LordGenome
  • Papyrus = Kittan
  • Sans = Viral
  • Undyne = Kamina/Yoko (mixture of both)
  • Alphys = Black Sisters (Various qualities)
  • Temmie = Darry
  • Monster Kid = Gimmy

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