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"Hello FRIEND." -Drift!Sans


In "Drifttale", Frisk killed some people. She didn't kill Papyrus and Sans. Gaster went insane and took over the timeline. Sans, too, went insane as he got provoked by Gaster nonstop.

Powers & Weaknesses

He can use his normal attacks and red legs, red spears, red puzzles, red acid tears, red bagels/red spiders, he has a giant red spider, when he is angry he can run so fast he runs right to the barrier, Sans can get angry very easliy


drift!apyrus: He likes his Brother.

Drift!Gaster: He hates Drift!Gaster.

Drift!Frisk: He dislikes Frisk for what she did


  • he is weaker then his dad
  • he is strong enough to go head on with error404 but he still loses





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