some of her face is gone one of her arms and her feet. her clothes and skin are darker


she kind and shy and does not hurt she feels deep regnant for what she did but now she cant reset she is also very sad but does not act that way


  • determination shards: she can make shards that do 14 damege
  • levitation: she can levitate


she is too kind hearted

she has low HP

she cant see very well

she only has one attack


drift!sans: is her friend but sans refuses to talk to her

drift!papyrus: is her friend he is very nice to her

nara: is the protagonist frisk greets you after where she sees papyrus for the first time

drift!gaster: is her worst fear and worst enemy

drift!chara: is her friend(in frisks opinion) but chara hates her

core!frisk: is her friend and hangs out in the omega timeline alot

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