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From the creator of the animated Chara Boss Battle and the popular fancomic series Dreemurr-Reborn, comes the final tribute the creator will make to the Undertale fandom and the Dreemurr-Reborn series: 'The End'!
— Gamejolt Description

Asriel is given a second chance thanks to a special, selfless human, as Asriel travels into a world between existence and nullity: The Void.

Despite the name, the Void is brimming with activity, and with monsters striving to keep their hopes alive while on the brink of oblivion. And in their desperation, these monsters may see a combined human/monster SOUL as their last chance for survival.



Asriel (player protagonist) *wip*

Asriel is the playable character and main protagonist of Dreemur Reborn:THE END. After being given their second chance and they head into the void, they travel around the void.

Gaster *wip*

Not much is known about Gaster, but he seems to want something from Asriel.


Mug Knight *Wip*

Again, not much is known about him but his battle sprite is linked here: prototype for the battle system

Happy Lady *Wip*

Not much is known about her except that she loves it when people are happy, and doesn't like seeing you leave. They also have similarities to Sweet Corn from Undertale Yellow.