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Dreamtale is an AU made by Jokublog. The Characters are Dreamtale Sans and Nightmare Sans .

Main Story

The story originally happened many years ago, so long ago that barely anyone remembers it. Long ago, there existed a land where monsters and humans lived together. There were monsters and humans with good feelings towards each other, working together to raise society. However equally, there were monsters and humans with bad feelings towards each other, jealousy, envy, and hatred in their hearts. In order to control the balance of the souls of the beings that populated the earth, a giant tree came from the very bowels of the earth. It had golden yellow and pitch black fruits. The golden fruits were full of good feelings and the black ones of the very opposite so that no one could abuse any of the parts and there could be harmony in the world.[1]


  1. What is Dreamtale? Jokublog's Tumblr.

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