Sans is my name, Dragons are what i slay!
- Dragon! Sans


During a time when Dragons traveled and conquered the world,there was only one skeleton-half breed that can save everyone, with the help of his trusty mage Papyrus and his amazing Rouge Frisk. With the evil empress Chara, and her royal knight Sir Asgore, these three must embark on an amazing quest to free the world from dragons and other terrible beasts on their way to the dark kingdom.


Dragon! Sans wears his jacket wide open and it appears to be torn, he also wears the red scarf that queen Toriel of he heaven sanctuary made for him. he wears the skull of the first dragon he ever killed and his tail comes from him being half-dragon. Also his shorts appear to be torn just like his jacket.


He speaks just like they did way back when knights were around, he also enjoys the taste of rum, ail and beer. He enjoys sleeping on hay in stables. He hates the sound of the ocean and loves the taste of pork.


Gaster Blaster

Standard Attack

Bone Attack

Standard Attack

Tail Whip

in this attack sans uses his tail to whip the human 3 times in a row. (Deals 25 Damage)

Burning Passion

This attack sans breathes fire causing repetitive damage to your soul.(Deals 56 Damage per second)

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