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Doppleganger is a clone of M.He doesn't have any real good intent.He's sometimes arrogant but His personality is very similar to M.His Goal is to kill all Monsters and "Assassinate" Frisk.

Out of the many artifacts monsters left behind in the underground was a Mirror.It inverted their reflections color.M simply found it and dug it up from the dirt.It flashed brightly,despite the underground being dark,messy and broken.Next thing He knew was that the Doppleganger was standing right behind Him,and left.It is learned that He killed himself in order for "his plan"to initiate.He also comes back alive when in Artlu mistakenly starts M with his Copy,but He can still Possess.


Black and Purple striped shirt with Long sleeves and Red cargo shorts.He usually walks around barefoot,yet it can also be perceived that He has shoes the same color as His skin.Furthermore,He has a shaded section of his forehead to the lower part of His eyes and sideburns.

Eyes:Normally Glowing Pink/Purple,but can also become Pitch black/Dark Brown(or purple)due to Possessing M

Hair:Very,Short,yet curly

He is constantly smiling in His Overworld sprite.


Stats:Same as M.


Doppleganger,M,and Artlu all have their own fights,They are listed as(M vs Doppleganger),(Doppleganger vs M) or (Doppleganger vs Artlu)

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