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Domestictale, or DCT for short, is a crossover AU of underswap, underfell, and the real life world. It is based in a domestic universe. They live in the southern United States, and are not part of a computer program. The characters are completely unaware of other AUs.  Essentially they live in the real world. The monsters were never forced underground. The monsters still deal with struggles, but it’s more of prejudice towards monsters, such as slurs exist for monsters.

The characters are based loosely on the characters and their personalities, but there are some changes to them. Additionally, magic is still part of their universe. It is a part of life for them, for example Undyne could still use her spears. 

There are two versions of the AU. One version dubbed the “frans version” and one dubbed the “cherryberry version.” FV and CBV for short. In FV, the surface difference is that Red is with Kitten, and Blue is with Cupcake.  Whereas in CBV Red and Blue are a couple. There are other differences, but this is the major surface difference. The differences are due to butterfly effect.