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(Sorry that its so cringy) Dolantale in an ask AU of the role-playing game known as Undertale with each character being replaced with a character from the Youtube channel Planet Dolan with the main Dolan himself being Frisk.Character relationships are also altered so no weird info mix ups don't happen.

About the AU

This alternative universe is now about the Planet Dolan crew instead of the normal undertale characters. The story also shifts from the humans sealing the monsters underground to ??? seal everyone except them underground. The ??? are whatever Dolan is by the way.


A long time ago the world was ruled by many strange creatures until the ??? declared war on every creature in the world.They somehow won and sealed everyone under MT. Youtube.Many years later one ??? falls down into the mountian,that ??? is Dolan.



  • Dolan is now Frisk.
  • Zaragamba is now Chara because reasons and green looks good on Zaragamba.
  • Shima is now Flowey because Shima is missing and Flowey is Asriel
  • Melissa is now Toriel.
  • Pringle is Sans,and his Gaster Blasters are now pringles.
  • Doopie is now Papyrus because Pringle and Doopie are both yellow and Doopie is energetic.
  • Snewpee is Undyne because they are both fish ladies.
  • Spinalpalm is Alphys because he likes Snewpee.
  • Ladybot is Mettaton because they are both Robot people.
  • Nixxiom is Asgore.
  • Ghost Toast is Napstablook,need I say more?
  • Emoji is Monster kid,because they are both cute
  • Robo is mad dummy because Robo is right next to Ghost Toast on the PD Website(And is a robot,thus making water[tears]harmful to it)
  • Return of the Goo is now Muffet because they have similar bodies.
  • Shima is Flowey...
  • Finally...Pipe Attack is Gaster, because they are dead.


  • The Ruins are now The Highland, basically staying the same but the walls are grey now and a lot more plant life.
  • Snowdin Forest is now, well... just a forest.
  • Snowdin Town is now just a town.
  • Waterfall is now called Raining Mine,and it has a lot of waterfalls. (But not as scenic as Waterfall)
  • Hotland is now called Wasteland and resembles an abandoned battlefield in a desert.
  • MTT Resort is the same but now its called Ladybot's Spa and is entirely pink, my worst nightmare.
  • CORE is exactly the same.
  • New Home is now extremely colorful, and houses have decorations.


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