Midnight is a mini-boss found in Snowdin. He is the first that uses a blue attack on Corly. If he is spared, he can be found later as an NPC at the Keg playing poker.



Mid is a short bipedal dog monster. Like the original Doggo, he wears a black ninja mask, but his mask is to hide a large scar that runs down the side of his face, which you can still see slightly on his cheek. It is never mentioned how he got this, though it is rumored that he got it thinking that he saw something moving by his eye and sliced his face with his own sword. He wears a yellow tank top that has the picture of a derpy-looking dog pictured upon it. His pants are orange with leopard prints decorating it.


Mid's most notable trait is the fact that he is unable to see things when they stand still. He dislikes people or things that are able to travel without moving. Whenever he thinks he sees something move, he either will think first and try to see if it will move again, or attack immediately. The second possibility happens in a Genocide Run, though there is a possibility that he will attack this way in a Neutral Run if any other Dogs are killed.

It is hinted that he smokes his dog treats, because of his dog treat pack in his back pocket, though it is never actually shown.


  • In battle, Midnight will use the blue attack mostly, which are in the shapes of his sword, but if Corly moves, he will swipe with his actual sword, which randomly appears at this point.


  • If Corly does not move during his first attack, he will no longer be suspicous and can be pet. Once he is pet, he will become extremely confused and hyper. He can then be spared. If he is pet a fifth time before being spared, he will say that he has had enough petting and proceed to attack Corly once again.
  • Corly can also spare him by using the ACT in which she throws a Stick. But this will only work if done after trying to pet him for a fifth time.


  • Midnight enjoys watching animation on YouTube in his free time, but only if they move and not if they are animatics or storyboards.
  • He enjoys peanut butter treats the most.

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