Midnight the Undertale Lover is a miniboss located in Snowdin Forest in the AU Fandomtale and takes the role of Doggo. If spared, Rlop later encounters her as an NPC in SomeRandomWriter’s restaurant.


Midnight is a bipedal dog monster. She wears a similar top to regular Doggo, but the dog picture looks a bit different. Pants are bright green with hunter green spots. All for paws are bare, and upper paws wield long daggers. Eyes are bright violet. Fur is mostly black, with a white muzzle and chest.


Midnight’s most notable trait is the fact that she cannot see something unless it moves, and dislikes (but not hates) things or people that can move around without moving (like MickRunner). Sometimes doesn’t know if she actually saw something and will wait to see it move again to be sure.

Main Story


If Rlop kills all other dogis, Midnight just assumes that they are just joking around by not moving so she cannot see them.

True Pacifist Route

In the epilogue, Midnight is outside the Snowdin Librarby with her family. She is extremely happy that she can see Endogeny, since the Amalgamate is constantly vibrating and moving around.

The End Credits lists Midnight having her own ‘seeing eye dog’.


The same battle as any other route. The only difference is that Midnight is shaking uncontrollably when Rlop approaches, even if she cannot really ‘see’ him.

In Battle


  • In battle, Midnight only uses blue attacks that take the form of her daggers. This is her way of making sure that Rlop is still there.


  • If Rlop survives Midnight’s attack without moving, she is no longer suspicious that she saw anything and can be pet. After being pet, she becomes excited and slightly confused at what just happened. Rlop is then able to spare her.
  • Petting Midnight will lead to more dialogue. If she is pet five times, she says that she has had enough and becomes normal again.
  • Midnight can also be spared if Rlop throws a stick, but is he gets hit by one of her blue attacks, Midnight cannot be spared.



Hey, did something just move?! I swear I saw something.. If something DID move… for example, a HUMAN… *smiles* I’LL MAKE SURE THAT THEY’LL NEVER MOVE AGAIN! (Pre-Battle text)

  • Hey, w-why can’t I stop shaking all of a sudden? I-Is something there?! (Extended Pre-Battle text if battled on Genocide Run)


  • Don’t you dare move! (Neutral)
  • MOVEMENT?! (Move)
  • It moved! It not-not-not moved! (After moving)
  • HUH!? I’VE BEEN PET! (Pet)
  • POT? (Pet)
  • PAT? (Pet)
  • PET? (Pet)
  • GAH! WHO’S DOING DAT?! (Pet #2)
  • IT’S WON’T STOP! (Pet #3)
  • WHY PETS WHY?! (Pet #4)
  • OK. That’s enough. (Pet #5+)
  • GASP! A STICK! (Use stick)


  • S-s-s-something was petting me… someth-th-thing that wasn’t moving… I

think I need some treats for this.. (After battle if petting was used to spare)

  • A stick appeared out of nowhere, then disappeared. Was it a ghost stick? Did it just return to the afterlife? I need some dog treats to think about this…. (After battle if stick was used to spare)
  • Anyone there? (Ring bell #1)
  • Are you guys making fun of me? That’s unfair.. (Ring bell #2)
  • Big guy? That you? (Ring bell #3)
  • Hm.. not the wannabe royal guardsman… he’s to loud. (Ring bell #4)
  • PLEASE STOP RINGING IT! (Ring bell #5)
  • …. (Ring bell #6+)

At the Restaurant

  • Where’s the others? I can’t play them alone… they’ll just win!  [If Dogi have been killed]
  • Sometimes the others like to play jokes on me, so they’ll be as still as they can so I can’t see them. I’ll just wait until one of them finally admits it.. [If all other dog characters have been killed]
  • Huh? Since when are you and Mick friends..? I, truthfully, don’t really like him. Always appears out of nowhere without moving… [After the hangout with Mick)
  • It may not seem like it, but this big guy writes the most eloquent letters. Here, take a look! (It's just the word "Woof" but in flowery cursive)  [After meeting Alphys]

Flavor text

  • Easily excited by movement. Hobbies include: rubber bones. [Check]
  • Midnight blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • Midnight is checking for the movement object again. [After moving]
  • Midnight does not seem to find anything. [After not moving]
  • Midnight is very suspicious of your movements. [Pet, first turn]
  • Midnight has been pet. [Pet, after not moving]
  • You threw the stick and the dog chased after it. You two play fetch for a bit. [Use Stick]
  • Midnight loves fetch! [Turn after Stick]

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