The Doges are a group of anthropomorphic dog knights who live in Timeline 101 of Undertale that serve as minor antagonists in chapter 1 of CNAS-Tale. They serve as minions of The Doctor until he and his factory come to an end, where they disappear all together.


Doges are anthropomorphic basset hounds who have humanistic bodies and dog like heads. The color of their fur depends, but is usually a light and pale color. They also wear a suit of green tinted armor and carry a large steel-tipped spear.


The personality differs with each Doge, but they usually share a few traits, the main one being an insane thirst for power which they would do anything to quench. They are also very loyal creatures, serving a master without any trouble.


  • The Doges are not evil. Despite their loyalty to The Doctor, they are just willing to serve anyone of any alignment.

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