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Doctortale is an AU which combines the popular game Undertale and the long running science fiction show Doctor Who. It was created by rabbit-of-the-sun. It involves the Doctors in the show being swapped by Undertale characters. Gaster is the First Doctor, as pictured here.

About the AU

Doctortale has no backstory , however, there are some works of art about it and there are concepts about the characters and other important elements.


  • Frisk is swapped with all of the Doctors companions
  • Gaster is the First Doctor
  • Asgore is the War Doctor
  • Sans is the Ninth Doctor
  • Papyrus is the Eleventh Doctor
  • Flowey/Asriel is The Master
  • Undyne is River Song
  • Toriel is The TARDIS in Idris form
  • Mettaton EX is Captain Jack Harkness
  • Box Mettaton is the Face of Boe
  • Alphys is Osgood
  • The Annoying Dog is K9


  • The sonic screwdriver is switched with a Gaster Blaster

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