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Disordertale is a AU where everyone has a disorder (All of the types, Normal, Mental, anything.) everything is all normal, but there is major changes, even minor. Frisk, Flowey and Chara are the only characters with no disorder.

The AU


  • Toriel has two disorders, but it depends on the route,
  • The disorder for genocide run is: OCD, it stands for "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" Toriel always freak out when it comes to dirt, even dust. She would always be distracted around you. Killing more monsters in the ruins and getting the ruins even more dusty would upset her.
  • The Disorder for Neutral and Pacifist is: APD, it stands for Antisocial Personality Disorder. Toriel is Anti-Social.... you might be asking "Then how will you be saved during the part where your surrounded by the pellets?!" she still saves you, because she doesn't like mean people, she was very nervous to introduce herself, and Toriel will still give you solutions to the puzzles. During her battle, she would hurt you, and continues even your HP is low, the only way to spare her is to keep talking to her so she would let you.
  • Papyrus has HPD, it stands for "Histrionic personality disorder" he seriously wanted attention by others, like seriously, attention. That's all he wanted, Attention, he really wanted to be the part of the royal guard, and be popular. He is still a sweet cinnamon roll, but all he wanted is "Attention" don't worry because of his nice personality, he don't have any of the effects (EX: Rash decisions, Blaming failures to someone, etc. ) There is some random AT where Papyrus has ADHD. I will only explain it on his page.
  • Sans has DPD it stands for "Dependent Personality Disorder" he is very clingy to his brother, Papyrus, he is very overprotective of him, and always do everything for him, when Frisk killed Papyrus, he will be filled with rage, and always dunk Frisk. His battle was very long than Geno!Sans (Undertale not Aftertale) Battle. But because of his tiring personality, he is beatable. So don't worry.
  • Undyne has ICD, it stands for "Impulse Control Disorder", she can't control the urge to attack anyone, even herself. She is always filled with stress. Although, I don't know Impulse control disorder very much, but she might be fearful of everything around her as she might accidentally cause harm to her kind.


  • During Sans' Date ( MTT Resort part ) Instead of saying that he is telling Knock knock jokes, he says that "he found a weird large door when i am about to take a break, i just try to knock on it to tell who is there, i can hear a lady. She might be nervous... So i continued... eventually she is still quiet. until she finally responded..."
  • Sans took you to the date because Papyrus tells him to take a break from being very close, Sans hates it but he will do it for him. Papyrus might want attention, but he want attention other than his brother.
  • Toriel used to be very Social when she was a queen.
  • Asriel used to have a Disorder, but after he turns into Flowey, he lost his disorder.
  • Chara also don't have a disorder, as only the monsters here in this AU have disorders.


  • Keeping on resetting the timeline would glitch the timeline, and during genocide, Toriel would have APD, and in Pacifist, Toriel have OCD. If you keep on resetting the timeline with progress, it wont happen.

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