"Can somebody fix up this page, I don't know how to set up a page, and when I tried to fix it I made it worse."

" do you expect order? Well sorry pal then your

in the wrong place." -Disorder!sans


when the universe was new the force that inhabited the empty space before creation. Chaos. Pure chaos no form, no end, and no order. It was angry that creation took away its empty realty, so it sent a special item that contained itself inside, it looked like a soul of all traits, it traveled to a genocide route. Where a sans found it, when he went to pick it up it merged itself with the sans, it was the most horrible pain imaginable, sans was now taken over by chaos. The sans turned the underground into a place of pure chaos, and insanity. After he had his fun by turning that universe upside down, he traveled to other universes to wreak anarchy.



a multi colored hoodie, with pure black shorts, a yellow skeleton skull, and a multicolored heart locket that contains the being of chaos.

Powers and abilities


  • Chaos empowerment
  • chaos attacks
  • chaos inducements
  • chaos manipulation

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