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"Some bots here are great, but some are bad. So you need to be safe, my child..."
– Ayana

Discordtale is a AU where characters in Undertale are replaced by bots in discord.

The whole Underground was all about Tech, since the Bots take over the underground.

The AU


Long ago, there is two things that rule the earth, Humans and Bots. One day, the humans start to use the bots for other things, but the bots are declared Useless. So the Humans sealed the Bots underground. They do so by deactivating the bot, then throw them underground.

DISCORD 201X. People who fell, never return.


Well, the characters in this AU is about the bots, so, lets go straight to the list so we would know.

  • Tatsumaki ( The Fallen role ) is the first fallen one in the whole underground, they are a half bot, and a half human, it's unknown if they are a human or a bot. But atleast they make sense as a narrator since they are a half bot.
  • Kawaiibot ( The Protagonist/Player character role ) is the last fallen human, like Tatsumaki, they are a half bot and a half human.
  • Mee6 ( The Empty role ) is the first bot you met in the underground, this bot is pretty much... broken. Thats why they malfunction everytime they talk, they seem nice at first, but they malfunction, and turned evil.
  • Ayana ( The Caretaker role ) is the second bot you met in the underground, they are pretty a bit protective, everytime Kawaii try to escape, Ayana would sense them, and catch them. And warn them, if they keep on going, they will say "Why are you doing this.", and they will only say that for now.
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