"...AH! A burning glow of true evil structs inside me. I can sense it... It's you, human!" -Disbelief Papyrus when doing Sensed Genocide
Disbelief Papyrus is the older brother of Scora and Mae in OC!Tale. He takes a main part in the Sensed Genocide route as he starts it.


Similar to normal Papyrus, Disbelief wears red boots slanting to the side a little. He wears a blue jacket symbolizing his defense. He yields a giant bone that is almost twice the size of his body; said bone seems to crumbled at the bottom making attack higher when using it. Finally, he has an everlasting tear coming down to his cheek on his left eye, the right eye has a glowing orange orb that can sense anything inside of you which is why he starts sensed genocide.


Disbelief Papyrus can be cruel treating his siblings like human scum ( mostly Mae ). He is filled with true determination to capture a human despite seeing one before and successfully killing it. He can be loyal to his sister, Scora, when she agrees with Disbelief. Finally, a feeling of anger will always stick around in the Sensed Genocide and if Mae annoys him.

In Battle

Black Soul- Disbelief Papyrus can manipulate your soul color turning it completely black with the description of hate. When activated, you will not be able to move up, instead you can only move left and right.

Red Bone- Touching this will result in an immediate death.

Scora & Mae's Ghost Souls- Disbelief Papyrus has the power to summon his dead sisters, Mae and Scora. To see more about the attack go to Mae and Scora's page on OC!Tale



Disbelief Papyrus's younger sister along with Mae, Disbelief occasionally joins her sister in insulting Mae


Disbelief's other younger sister, he dislikes her and occasionally ridicules her.

Ink!Fell!Undyne -

Disbelief's friend, it is rumored by Destroyertale Sans that he might love her and is occasionally shipped together ( unfortunately ).


Another good friend of Papyrus, he occasionally visits Create just to talk about...Stuff

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