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"Don't believe any monsters."
– Gaster

DevilTale is an AU where Most monsters are traitors.


The Underground, now under control by the Devil King, is full of animosity and despair. However, soon humans possessing hope fall into the Underground, making the Devil King order that all humans who fall down are to be killed. The Alpha Devil King led for a long time until suddenly he disappeared, and a rebellion ensued which gained forces, causing Hate to lose forces.

Soon Gaster has two sons, Sans and Papyrus, and together they bring hope into the Underground. But soon Sans too becomes apathetic, and Papyrus completely heartless, driving him to kill Red Eye (It's been assumed that this is a name.). Eventually, the last embers of hope within the Underground die out, and it falls under the control of the Devil Kings.


  • Frisk:The fallen human child
  • Flowey : Once Prince Asriel. Often states "There is no hope in the Underground, only despair."
  • Toriel : Deceased
  • Undyne : A traitor
  • Alphys : Ruthless royal scientist
  • Mettaton : A killing machine.
  • Asgore : Deceased
  • Chara : The first human child to fall into the Underground.
  • Asriel : A prince who bullies other monsters.
  • Sans : Supreme leader, no longer possess hope and the ability to forgive.
  • Papyrus : Captain of the Royal Guard.