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"Don't believe any monsters."
– Gaster

DevilTale is an AU where Most monsters are traitors.


The Underground is controlled by the Devil king, so the Underground be full of animosity and despair, but humans drop down to the underground to have the hope, so the devil king stipulates that all humans who drop down would be killed and led for a long time, until the Big Devil king disappeared, The rebellion gains more and more forces, Hate less and less, but Gaster has some sons, Sans and Papyrus together hope all to after taking, the rebels all lost the hope, have been till the last hoping to appear, The Sans More come more Apathetic.Heartless, Papyrus kills red eye, but the hope of end till the last only brings them the despair, all the rebels kings lost the hope, underground completely the devil kings all to control. . .


  • Frisk:Frisk Is a human child
  • Flowey : Original body is Asriel, Often says " There is no hope in this world, only despair "
  • Toriel : Already dead
  • Undyne : A traitor
  • Alphys : Ruthless scientist
  • Mettaton : A killing machine
  • Asgore : Already dead
  • Chara : is the first human to fall into the Underground
  • Asriel : Bully monsters Prince
  • Sans : Supreme leader, Provision Cannot have hope and forgiveness
  • Papyrus : Captain of the Royal Guard

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