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deviantART (abbr. devART or dA) is an art-sharing and artist community website founded in 2000

Pros and Cons


  • Has plenty of groups for fanart of Undertale and Undertale AUs.
  • There are plenty of like-minded artists that might give faves, comments, critique, llama badges (a way to show appreciation to the artist/s) and dA-Points (a DA-exclusive currency).


  • It is easy to steal art from the site as downloading images is very easy, but the downloaded file still has the author's username attached to it. So if the thief is incompetent, people may still be able to trace it back to the original.
  • It contains 'rabid fangirls', NSFW art, etc.

Other notes

  • They have rules relating to copyrighted image but that aren't very well enforced, relying on users flagging the content themselves. Users can only flag an image for copyright infringement if they created the original but the staff may not check to see if they actually do or not.
  • As much as NSFW content is accepted, actual pornographic images are not.

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