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"Don't worry about intruders. I WILL DESTROY THEIR MINDS"
- Deus!Sans, talking with Experiment N° 7

Deus!Sans is a Sans who exists outside of timelines. He lives in De visu. His only objective is protect De visu from anybody. Deus!Sans can see everything in AUs. He also has the power to change the timeline and jump into AUs, although he rarely does so. His power comes from De visu, so if it was destroyed, Deus!Sans would lose most of his powers. He doesn't have a defined physical form, but he can copy other physical forms.


He is one of the chain to inherit the responsibility of De visu. His only objective is protect this AU because it can control everything in any other AUs, that also gives the user power. He doesn't belong to the multiverse, there is only one. He doesn't exist neither in the past nor the present nor the future.

Their ancestors have done many experiments that are kept and protected with a magical seal. They're the responsibility of Deus!Sans.


He is an introvert. He doesn't like big crowds. He is very fair. He sometimes visits other AUs, camouflaging from inanimate objects. In extreme cases, he copy main character physical form and later he transmits his memories to the copied character to not create anomalies. You never know when Deus!Sans does it.

He likes erase and manipulate memories, but he doesn't do it without a reason.


It is a mass of matter, but can change his physical form to different forms, from inanimate objects to any relevant or not character. Occasionally he doesn't change to relevant characters to avoid drawing the attention of someone. He likes to mix appearances, being his favorite Ink!Sans and Nigtmare!Sans' appearance mixture. He creates an original appearance.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He can see any AU, he can jump into any, and he has the power to change the timeline: alter character's personalities, create or destroy important facts, create disasters, etc. His participation in changing the timelines is very poor.

He can create anything like Ink!Sans and Create!Sans, but without limits. He also has the ability to destroy anything.

It doesn't matter how far away Deus! Sans is from De visu. He can se his powers no matter what.

He is always prepared to fight with any intruders with some experiment like N° 2 and N° 35.

He has no known weakness, but his powers come from De visu. If someone was to successfully sneak in and destroy it...


He really keeps to himself, and only has relationships with the experiments and characters that wandered in when they were lost or test teleporting.

Experiment N° 2

Also called The Imitator, as its name say, it can copy abilities of anyone but last a short period. It has a cooldown and a limit of abilities he can copy. There isn't information about it.

Experiment N° 7

Deus!Sans has a close relationship with Experiment N° 7, called Accursed. They always saw the AUs of multiverse. There's no data about Experiment N° 7.

Experiment N° 35

Also called The Puppeteer. It summon and control puppets freely. There's no more information about this.

Sacred Chara

She has discovered De visu, but Deus!Sans manipulates her memory about it, not deleting it altogether, so she will never return. He manipulated her code to make it a bit more vulnerable and easy to access after this incident.


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