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    DeterminedHopeTale or DHTale is a more depressing version of the underground. It's dimmer, gloomier and everyone has lost all hope. Having the idea that even if they ever did become free, it wouldn't matter. One day Frisk falls into the underground, but with their best friend Echo.

  Echo is the same age as Frisk (15 years old). Echo is a female with short brown hair, wears a sweater with a different color striped sweater, each color resembling all of the souls that had fallen to the underground. She wears brown shorts, with black leggings underneath, and brown ankle boots. Frisk wears the same thing, but their sweater is blue with two purple stripes and they don't wear leggings. Everyone in the underground seems the same, but more depressing. 

They fall into the underground, just feeling the gloomy aura. Echo was always filled with hope though. So for each person they met, Echo and Frisk would try to give them hope. ​As they went on their journey they met Sans and Papyrus. Sans and Echo seemed to be attracted to each other. Frisk didn't notice though. Sans and Papyrus joined them on their journey through the underground. Sans and Echo became more attached to each other. Though in their journey Chara forcefully took over Frisk, causing them to suddenly go genocide. Sans killed Frisk, and the underground was reset. 

Echo remembered everything though, they tried to stop their friend. Sans acted like he didn't remember, but Echo could clearly tell he did. Echo and Sans joined together secretly to try to stop Frisk. After many resets and fights, Sans was about to be killed until Echo was there and took his place. Causing Frisk to break from Chara's control. Sans caught Echo as Frisk ran to their dying friend. 

Echo's last words were 'never lose hope'. Frisk reset many times, but Echo never came back. The only one who remembered her was her best friend, Frisk and her secret lover, Sans. All the echo flowers whisper 'never lose hope' slowly raising hope throughout the underground. As if there is an echo of her existence.

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