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Undertale: Determination is a fan game from geek2games. It was first published 19 March 2016. The gameplay does not differ from the original game. There have been several updates since it's first release, adding new content and fixes, the final version of it being Determination: Encore, released July 29th 2016.


The game is a continuation of the main story-line, taking place after the main protagonist Frisk sold their soul to Chara to bring the world back. This is why throughout the game the player has an empty soul. They (Chara) says that we have found a way back, (Via the fan game) and now they have to wipe us out completely. Then, the game crashes. Then it shows the intro of the original game but with different music and a menu where we must select "Continue".

To win, you need to attack Chara until they run out of HP, although alternative endings are available.

Fun Facts

  • Without a game save, your name defaults to 'Chara' and our level defaults to 20.
  • Pressing the Reset button will cause the game to crash again, and upon reloading, starts a conversation with Chara.
  • If you keep using the "Cry" option eventually, Chara will become bored and leave you in a battle with the only surviving monster - Napstablook.
  • If you flirt the whole time with Chara, the human souls will unite and become The Fallen.
  • If you defeat Chara in hard mode, you will battle Madam Sharky, which is a reference to Youtuber Madam Sharky, who was the first YouTuber to complete the game on when it was originally released.
  • The initial game took 4 months to create, with the second update including The Fallen, and Madam Sharky taking a further two months.
  • There are many secret references and messages hidden throughout the game, such as on the continue screen, that can only be seen in slowed down recorded footage and screen grabs.
  • The entire fan game was created by two people, from scratch in C#. Danny the Programmer, and Cyonica the artist.
  • There are multiple musicians used within the game, all of which are credited in the game itself and on the main page. The developers asked permission for all of the music used, but did not create any music themselves.


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