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Determination.exe is set after a failed genocide where Frisk gave up against Undyne.

About the AU

After Frisk started a genocide run. They got up to Undyne and was killed so many times, they gave up and disappeared into nothing. A new human called Hazel falls underground.



Her personality is kind, caring, sweet and curious. She is known to collect random objects.
The protagonist.
Hazel hair.
Green eyes.
A white and black speckled shirt with black tights.
A star handbag (which is her inventory).


After disappearing not much is known about them other than Hazel see's them from time to time in the mist of snowdin or hiding behind a pillar in the ruins.
If a game ever got made they would be a rare thing to see or find. If the player/Hazel went up to them they would vanish.
A spear stuck in their arm and eye.
Covered in dust and their own blood.
Their eyes are open but are nothing but pure black.
They are wearing the same clothes they usually do.
Has a creepy smile.


Her personality is the same just a bit more insane.
Dead but eventually brought back to life at the end.
Covered in dust and a giant slash mark on her stomach
A creepy yandere-ish look in her eyes.


After papyrus's death, he has been known to lash out at others and has become insane.
His personalty is seems relaxed but won't hesitate to kill the next human he sees
If anyone talks to him in a rude way he impales them with a bone.
A torn hoodie that shows his arms and ribs and cuts all over his ribs and arms
Dust splattered on his clothes from when monsters talk rudely to him.


Like toriel he is dead but eventually brought to life.
His personality is the same but a bit weary and fearful of humans.
A crack on his neck and his own dust all over him.
He holds his head everywhere he goes.


On the lookout for humans all the time.
Her personality is Insane, ready to fight and won't take shit from anyone.
She is always in her true hero form/Undyne the undying.
Has blood on her from killing frisk.

Monster Kid

The same as before just more fearful then before


Never leaves the true lab.
She is insane.
Wears a ripped lab coat.


Still cries in battle but it's blood tears.
He is depressed and murderous
He is red instead of white.


He has spikes and guns along with a blood splatter near the eye he covers.
He is Insane, FABULOUS, aggressive and violent.


More depressed.


Ripped petals and a demonic grin.
Only appears at the end and almost kills Hazel but becomes Asriel by using everyone's souls.
A bit fearful.




Blood covers them.
Has a demonic grin.

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