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"Stay determined."
– Caption

Determination is a sequel to Undertale.

As you can tell by the color, its post-Genocide, post-Pacifist.


Monsters have been on The Surface for 3 Years, and, Frisk is 8.

Monster Kid calls Frisk telling them he if they want to go to Mt. Ebbot.

Frisk says yes, and, heads there.

MK goes into it, and sees Asriel, and, is surprised.

Frisk gives him halve their SOUL, and, then black out.



Frisk is "the savior of all monsters" and as of the prologue, is 8.

Their friends with the main characters, Monster Kid, Sunny the Whimsun, and, everyone else who goes to their school.

Monster Kid

Monster Kid, while not LOVING Undyne as much as he did, is still a fan.

He likes Papyrus because he's cool.

Oh, and, they dislike puns.

Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel Dreemurr, as you'd guess, is Frisk's best friend, but, regrets telling Frisk that since Chara heard.

He's also is Chara's best friend, and, is happy he was saved by Frisk.

Chara Dreemurr

The Demon of Death, Chara Dreemurr.

Chara is the antagonist.

Why? Well, it's a silly reason.

Asriel said Frisk's his best friend. Yep.

That's why.


Flowey is still alive somehow. Okay, as a ghost.

Only Asriel, Frisk, and, people who are determined, can hear him.

Monster Kid can't, but, Asriel and Frisk tell him what he says.

He has to be near his flower in the pot.


The chapters, are, the following:

  • Determination - Prologue: in the Prologue, Frisk, has a nightmare about their second Genocide. They wake up and after their mom calls to say it's breakfast, they get a call from MK, and, say yes to going to Mt. Ebbot. MK runs toward the mountain and jumps in, only to see Asriel. He's surprised, and, probably almost fainted. Frisk falls and gives halve their SOUL to Asriel, and, black out.
  • Determination - Chapter 1: in Chapter 1, Frisk wakes up to see Asriel next to their bed. They tell him about the dream and than say that they've never killed anyone. Asriel explains how after two Genocides, Frisk somehow True Reset, and, only he and Sans remembered. He says that Frisk's his best friend and than regrets saying that since Frisk's in danger. Frisk dreams about killing Asgore and Flowey on their first Genocide, and, then Chara possesses them.
  • Determination - Chapter 2: TBA.


  • I'm already thinking about making a mini book about the first human besides Frisk going to Toriel's school
  • It's going to be a book series on QuoteV!!!!