Destroyer Sans sprite made by MrZephyr128

Destroyer is one of the main characters in Ask UnderTale
  • Destroyer Sans is the older brother of Creator Sans. (Not Create!Sans, different people)
  • Destroyer was not evil until Nightmare Sans killed him and infused his SOUL with hate. From then on, Destroyer wanted revenge on Nightmare for killing him.
  • Destroyer needed to get 5 Determination SOULs to do a TRUE RESET to go back in time and kill Nightmare.
  • His powers are gaster blasters, red fire bones, sword arms that can catch fire, and the power to reset and save.
  • His goal is to go to EVERY AU and kill everyone in them to get enough XP and LV to fight and kill Nightmare.


  • He wears a purple hoodie, purple shorts and purple slippers.
  • He has a big cut on his stomach with blood coming out his mouth (like Classic when killed on a Genocide run) and he has red glowing eyes.
  • When he was alive, he wore a red scarf as well as his standard purple gear.
  • He had 1 white eye and 1 green glowing eye.


If you want to see him go to every AU and kill everyone, watch the series :D


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