It was just like any day in the Omega Timeline. Ink!Sans was trying to show Dreamtale Sans how he drew. Dreamtale was shouting out ideas, and soon Ink had created a Sans with an orange scarf, a purplish-pink shirt, a faded purple jacket, green pants, and flaming red shoes. A second later, his strange drawing came to life, much to the shock of all of them. Designer Sans fled, and he created a house and personality for himself.


Designer!Sans quickly got the hang of being a living thing and developed a personality very quickly. He also learned his talent, designing clothes, obviously. What else would it be? He designed outfits for many of the Sanses and Papyruses of the Omega Timeline, and then more. He is very flashy and kind of self-centered. If you get to know him, he can be very friendly and supportive of you. If someone insults someone he loves, he will try to kill them and has to be held back by Cupid!Sans. He loves to remake his outfits all the time. He is very flirty, much to the annoyance of Cupid!Sans, and a lot of other people. If he is very happy or excited, his pupils will turn into hearts. If he is upset or angry, his pupils will become broken hearts. He doesn't get upset very easily, but insulting his clothes is a one-way ticket to make him rage. If he is upset, he will dress in dark colors and refuse to talk to anyone. He fights with fire-colored Gaster Blasters and bones.

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