"Once upon a time there was a thing called... hope... strange"


Once there was a human on the surface named James. He was one that vanished without a trace, but he became a ghost. When he was a human he agreed to keep watch of the underground, on that day James released the magic that killed the humans. The humans, discovering it was his fault, punished him greatly. He was thrown into the underground, and tortured by infinitely great dog, but he did not kill him, he threw him into the gears of the core to be killed by the demons like Gastor.

Gastor killed him, but decided to make him a ghost so he could live on. Demonzieth was then born, and never felt hope again. Poor Demonzieth should have never been sad again but...

Demonzieth was not excepted in the underground, being a former human. He did not know weather he was man or monster. He lived in the ruins all alone.

Spirit: Despair

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