Demontale is an AU in which the Underground is just the first layer of the Underground. Longer ago than when the monsters were around, some demons rebelled against Satan and escaped Hell, but the humans on the Surface were suspicious of the demons and exiled them, as well as the humans who supported them, to the Deep, a network of caverns with different weather underneath the Underground.

The demons despaired for their freedom, but a few managed to escape from time to time to wreak havoc on the humans. And the king, Slenderman, began to wait for a human SOUL the snap the barrier holding the demons in and escape into the world.

Until a human (Kendra, Taylor, or Ethan) climbs Mt. Ebott after the monsters are freed.


Ok, this is a mashup of a lot of stuff. Here's the rundown:

  • Bill Cipher is the equivalent of Sans.
  • Will Cipher replaces Toriel as the protagonist's guide through the Ruins.
  • Belinda Cipher (I made her up) is the Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Slenderman is the Deep's king and is totally not in a relationship with Belinda. (Sarcasm intended.)
  • Loki is Belinda's apprentice and will take over the Royal Guard if she dies.
  • Nico di Angelo is practically Napstablook.
  • Will Solace and Reyna are co-workers as Mettaton's replacement.
  • Rey is Alphys.
  • Bella Cipher is Chara.
  • Meg is Viney the Vine (you know who SHE is, right?).
  • Me as the Irritating Cat.

And the rest I haven't figured out yet.


At the end of the story, the player either gets a call from Bill or Will Cipher stating the state of the Deep, in the case of the Ethan Ending, a visit from Bella Cipher, or in the Kendra ending, the demons are freed and integrating into normal lives on the Surface.

This has 3 endings.

The Kendra Ending (Kay If Male)

This is when the human has killed no monsters and befriended every available demon throughout the Deep, then the demons will be freed and integrate back into the monsters and humans of the Earth with some difficulty, but generally will be happy. Kendra/Kay becomes Will's boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend and will either be the demon's representative or the protector. If the player chose to be Will's boyfriend/girlfriend, the story ends with them kissing at the beach, a place Will always wanted to go. If the player chooses best friend, the story ends with them sitting at the dinner table with Bill, Belinda and Slenderman.

This ending is similar to the True Pacifist Ending in Undertale.

The Taylor Ending (Taylor is Gender-Neutral)

The human escapes the Deep and, depending on their actions in the Deep, the ending is happy or sad.

  • If the human kills nobody, Bill calls and tells them their coming was actually good for the Deep, as "people's hopes are a bit higher than they used to be, and the blanket of despair that was always there seems to have lifted a bit. And I also have some great news. B-da and Slendy are engaged. It's not official yet, but for the wedding, Willie's gonna be the flower boy and I get to be the ring-bearer. I voted for actual man-eating bears but I was vetoed. Will's been smiling more often since you came, which is an achievement since he does nothing but cry and whine the whole time anyway. Rey's mental health has really improved, and I think she's almost worked up the courage to open that cryogenic tube she's always telling me not to touch. Even Nico seems happier, and I hear on da blood orange tree that he and Reyna are dating. Heheheheheheheh. So, anyway, I really hope I see you soon. Come down! But this time maybe CLIMB down or you'll have to go through the same thing all over again! But who wouldn't want to meet me twice?! Oh, B-da wants her phone back cuz she's arranging things for the wedding. Anyway, call me back! Let's hang out!"
  • If the human kills Slenderman, Belinda takes over as queen of the Deep. If she was befriended, she's crushed by the destruction of her boyfriend by her friend, and institutes a new policy over the citizens that all humans that come to the Deep will be destroyed on sight. She has also implemented a holiday on Slenderman's birthday (Any Friday the 13th) that all demons have to celebrate. Belinda has also built a plan to escape the Deep to wage war on the humans in revenge for her boyfriend's death. Bill says that she's "near impossible to live with. She used to be so happy and full of life and now she's just cold and hard. If you come here again I will rip you limb from disgusting murdering limb if she doesn't do it first, Taylor. Have fun trying to sleep tonight!" He then ends the call.
  • If Belinda wasn't befriended, she is still sad, but Bill remarks that she's starting to get over it and is now dating Will Solace. She is still trying to get out, and the holiday is still there, but the demons now choose whether or not to celebrate it. Bill says "She's starting to come back a bit. But she's probably never gonna be the same. You show your face here, Taylor, I will feed you to my hellhound. And believe me, that a pretty painful way to die." He ends the call.
  • If Belinda was killed, but Slenderman wasn't, he's mad at himself for letting the player slip through his fingers. Bill says that things are worse than ever under the grieving Slenderman and the blanket of despair that had always been there now seemed smothering. He says "let me tell you something. If you come here again, he ain't gonna be distracted again. He will throw you down into where we originated and that's a terrible place to be. And I'll help him, Taylor." Bill ends the call.
  • If Belinda and Slenderman were killed, Loki takes over as king of the Underground, and his rule has pros and cons. For one thing, "everything a lot more magical and I can go magic full blast on anything that annoys me except my bro. The bad thing is that all the Thor movies are banned, but luckily I got one from a smuggling ring. So win-win for me, but if I ever get my hands around your neck, things ain't gonna end well for your miserable little face. LOSE-LOSE FOR YOU. TAYLOR."
  • If Belinda, Slenderman, and Loki were killed, Will Solace and Reyna take over as co-rulers of the Deep. They constantly conflict over how to rule. "Reyna wants a tight empire, while Will wants a loose monarchy. It's actually pretty funny how they both try to sit on the throne and how Reyna wears pants to her meetings. But don't think I forgot what you did, killing those innocent people, one of which the few people I cared about. If you come here again, Taylor, I will personally push you down the stairs of Hell so you can burn in its flames."
  • If Bill, Belinda, Slenderman and any other boss demons were killed, Rey takes over as leader and Will calls. She is actually a pretty good leader and "always warns everyone n-not to go near h-her weird cr-cryogenic tube. She's more c-confident now, but I rue the day you came down here and t-took everyone I loved. I-I-I-I-I WILL find a way to break out and th-then, I-I'm c-coming Taylor."
  • If all the boss demons and nobody else were killed, a small white cat comes to power as the ruler. Strangely, this is the happiest ending if you killed anyone. The cat sleeps on the the throne all day in a patch of sun. Nobody calls the player, but the dialogue box tells him or her.

The Ethan Ending (Elra if Female)

The human murders all available monsters and at the end gets a visit from Bella Cipher in her dark void. Bella calls the human a "good partner. I wasn't strong enough to take corporeal form, but I ended up not having to. You did all my work. You proved I was the greatest demon. You proved I was stronger than my family, Slendy, everyone. In Satan's eyes, I'm now high in stature. I should thank you. But it would be more fun to kill you." The player then fights Bella.

  • if the player loses, Bella says "that was so fun, but I'm fond of deals, so let's make one. You give me your SOUL, and I'll let you return to your world and make better choices. Deal?"
  • If the player wins, Bella, her HP at 1, says "Well....I didn't expect that......but I've come too far to lose what I've created.....tell ya let me live, I'll let you go back into that world. Deal?

Either way, the player cannot refuse Bella's offer, and so the game resets with Bella saying "Good. I knew I could count on you, Ethan (Elra)." And grinning horribly. After this ending is achieved, it can't be achieved again.

OK, this isn't complete, just a fandom I'm building. I will post the link to Demontale wikia on this as soon as I'm old enough to make it and I make it and add some core info to it. Hang On! I am the Owner of this AU/Afterword!

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