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Demontale is an Undertale AU where the monsters are demons and humans are angels (Chara is a fallen angel, which means that they are half demon-half angel). Humans and angels fought a terrible battle and angels trapped demons in the underground.

One day, when an angel wanted to prove their strength, they tried to climb Mt. Ebott. But, on their journey, they tripped and fell where they thought they had met their death. They were unable to escape due to their wings being injured from the fall, so they explored the underground and made new friends along the way.

Each character represents something in particular:

  • Papyrus : Papyrus represents the sin of pride. He stops Sans from hurting you at the start when you meet them both.
  • Sans : Sans represents the sin of sloth, being mentally and physically lazy. He battles you at the start of the game, though Papyrus stops him.
  • Undyne : She represents the sin of wrath. Each time she sees you, she attempts to battle you, though eventually she gives up.
  • Alphys : Alphys represents anxiety and fear, as she fears her secrets may be told to everyone. She battles you due to her thinking you'll tell everyone her secrets.
  • Toriel : Toriel represents people's over-protection and how people control others. She physically forces you to stay with her, though you eventually leave.
  • Muffet : She represents the sin of greed, as she wants money and will be willing to kill for it.
  • Mettaton : Mettaton represents the sin of lust. He wants everyone to love him, no matter how much pain he causes.
  • Asriel : He represents selfishness, due to wanting you to stay with him forever.
  • Chara : They don't represent anything in particular. They are a megalomaniac and want power and control over everything, and she wants to inflict pain on everyone.
  • Frisk : They represent peace and harmony. They want everyone to live together and not have wars.
  • Another important thing is that Golden Flowers represent Peace and harmony, as to why Frisk wears them. Asriel wears them too because of Chara. Chara's are wilting though, as she has become power crazy and wants to cause harm



This ending is where when all of the characters die, though their souls don't die. Their souls live in and at the end, all the souls you killed attempt to battle you. But, Chara reveals herself and kills them all, then asks for your soul.

This is set in a dark, room, which is revealed to be W.D Gasters laboratory. It is also revealed that Chara killed him, and she absorbed his soul to become a fallen angel.


This ending is where you release all of the demons onto the surface, and as you do that you also set free Chara, as she is somehow alive and was following you, so you're forced to fight her as your final battle.

As you beat her, her soul does not disappear. She possesses, like asriel, a flower to live on.


This ending is the same as the pacifist, but this time you also have to battle Flowey.