Welcome to Delta Rune School, little ones!

Children of all ages can go to this school!


Delta Rune School is the name of Toriel's School she made on The Surface.

Not many kids go to it, mostly since... the underground didn't have many kids.


Name Age Year Gender
Frisk Dreemurr 8 3 Genderless
Asriel Dreemurr 8 3 (wanted to be with Frisk) Boy
Tem Temmie 5 2 Girl
" " " " " " " "
" " " " " " " "
" " " " " " " "
Bob Temmie 10 5 Boy


Name Class
Toriel Dreemurr Normal
Undyne Undying PE
So Sorry Art
Mr. Gerson History, Normal
Metta Blook Normal, Dancing (special occasions)

Class Types


Normal is the class that teaches normal stuff, like math, reading, etc.

There's not many teachers at this school, so, only 3 people teach this type.

  • Toriel - the teacher most students go to, since, most are year 1, 2, or, 3
  • Gerson - Gerson is the teacher only 2 students (Bob, and, the Jerries) go to
  • Mettablook - Mettablook is the substitute, and, only teaches when Toriel or Gerson's absent, if both are, he teaches dancing (also, on holidays)


PE is the class that teaches Sports.

Oh, and, magic for some reason.

  • Undyne - Undyne is the Teacher for this, and, says "punk" and "NGAHHHHH!!!!" to much.


Art is the class where everyone

  1. Learns how to draw and paint
  2. Learns to say "sorry" to much
  • So Sorry - nobody really knows about this, but, he has an art club... in The Underground.


History is where you... learn history.

  • Gerson - for History, everyone goes here, and, gets lectured about The Human Monster War, Asriel and Chara, dumb stuff like that


The Hat Lover's Club

But of course.

Name Posiston Joinment
Icecap President Loves Hats
Snowdrake Vice President Was Forced To, Send Help
Jerry Don't Join To Annoy Everyone

The Gardener's Club

Frisk loves to garden, Asriel loves to garden, Flowey... is a flower...

Name Posistion Joinment
Frisk President Loves to Garden
Asriel Vice President " "
Flowey Flower Is a Flower
Monster Kid Gardener Loves Frisk a lot


  • The name's based off of the Delta Rune on the door
  • Everyone's wondering why it has the Rune on the door since it already happened

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