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Even as far back as when monsters lived on the surface, there where four types; Fire, Water, Nature, and Brewers. All humans where Brewers, also known as the "Creators of Cards". Cards show an image of some attack for a specific element, which are used when thrown.

One day, though, the humans started using the cards, despite the fact that they where only made for those of the elements. Infuriated by this, the monsters attacked, and the war started. With the advantage of creating cards, the humans won. Seven humans each made one seventh of a spell, and once it was ready, it became a deck to make the barrier. The monsters where forced into the underground, and they used the spell to seal them there.

However, a piece of each part of the spell was taken and kept itself as part of the seven human's souls. It stayed in their descendants souls, until it got to the seven human souls that went to the underground, where the shards where collected after the human's death to make a weapon strong enough to destroy the barrier— they deem it as "The Freedom Card". However, when they collected the seventh's human soul, the one before Frisk, something went wrong.

The parts went into seven monster souls; Toriel's, Papyrus', Sans', Undyne's, Muffet's, Asgore's, and Flowey's. They became much more powerful, and slightly insane. When Frisk fell down, they weren't greeted by Flowey. Instead, they where greeted by W.D Gaster, Alphys, and Mettaton, who informed them about the seven monsters, and their plans; To capture the seven monsters, and do a surgery upon their souls to extract the pieces and remake The Freedom Card. W.D Gaster stood for the Nature element, Alphys the Water element, Mettaton the Fire element, and Frisk as the creator of their attacks.


  • The Ruins, which is supposedly the best place along with Alphys' Lab to create attacks. It looks mostly the same, except many random parts of it are either burning or already burnt to ashes. None of the monsters but Toriel (if she happens to be there) can attack.
  • Toriel's is pure black, made from floating ash and charcoal. All of her flowers are now roses, and every room has extra piles of ash, especially the ones who where shared with others.
  • Snowdin is extra humid, however it is overall a bit warmer. All the trees are spruce trees, of which sometimes show eyes instead of the black marks they usually have. Sans doesn't appear when you reach the bridge, of which the bars Papyrus put there in the original game aren't there. The snowman you can take a piece off of is already melting.
  • Sans and Papyrus' house is incredibly hot, with a pan made from coal holding the burnt ashes of spaghett. Papyrus never goes on a date with you. You can see steam coming from the other side of the door, and from Sans' door you can feel water forming around your feet. The shed is much bigger, and their is an electric collar laying next to a bowl full of dog food, where dogs often come in to eat.
  • Grillby's is empty, except for Grillby cleaning the counter. All the seats are drenched, and you can see black marks along the walls, floor, and counter. There are many ketchup bottles and glass cups along the floor, most of which seem to be split into multiple pieces.
  • Waterfall is dangerous for the player, as it is the normal Waterfall, but filled with clear water. The only way to get through it is to get something like a helmet that covers your head completely, with no water that can leak in, so you can swim through it to get to Hotlands. W. D Gaster is the only one of your group that can enter without a helmet, while Mettaton while break for one hour of playing if he enters. You may sometimes see random kinds of fish swimming around, Dolphins included, or the Legendary Artifact, which is actually just a red ball.
  • Undyne's house is full of the clear water, with many different kinds of fish swimming around. If you look in her fridge, you only see a baby shark frozen within ice.
  • The statue that plays music is broken, with the chest and up laying to its side. The pebbles are still around it, but scattered farther around. It was broken by Undyne, and can no longer play music.
  • Temmie Village is the only part of Waterfall without the clear water. All the Temmies seem scared and anxious, except for the Temmie in Tem Shop, who are mostly the same as they are in the game. You may notice the painting has been ripped to shreds.
  • The lava around Hotlands changes, and is now a mix of blue and black. You may sometimes see random things lit on fire, and the two guards you encounter are wearing Poison Masks, though they aren't actually needed quite yet.
  • Alphys' Lab is exactly the same
  • The True Lab is the same, except you don't see the Amalgamates too much, and there is a separate room recording the process of your mission.
  • There is no difference in the Dreemurr's castle, unless you count the fact that the souls are not within something, but at the end of the game you see The Freedom Card instead.


  • None of the mini monster battles, such as Froggit's, Snowcap's, Snowdrake's etc. are there
  • Toriel is the first monster you ever battle. You have to click certain things to defeat her. The first you click is *Talk in act, then *Check in act, do *Spare in Mercy five times, and finally *Finish in Mercy.
  • The second monster is Papyrus. To defeat him, simply click *Remind in Act five times to defeat, then click *Finish in Mercy to end the battle.
  • The third monster you fight should be Undyne, but you must have Alphys there to activate her battle. She will attack you when she spots Alphys, making sure to keep Alphys behind her, like she is somehow protecting Alphys from you. To defeat her, click *Spare until you have five HP or less, then in Act, click *Yell . Alphys will then get her to stop fighting you, which ends the battle.
  • The fourth monster you fight should be Muffet. She will jump scare you somewhere in her spider area, and the battle will activate. To defeat her, simply click *Lunge in Act. You will lung for a spider, protecting it from one of her attacks. She will notice you protecting her friend, and the battle will end itself.
  • The fifth monster is Asgore. He will fight you anywhere in the underground, raging about Toriel. To defeat him, let him defeat you. As he is talking when your HP hits zero, the Mercy button will appear. Click it, then *Spare , and you will defeat him.
  • Sans is the sixth monster you must defeat. To defeat him, you must click *Remind in act twenty times (it doesn't have to be straight,) before he will fall to the floor with tears in his eyes. This means the battle is over.
  • Flowey is the final monster, and he will not go down easy. To defeat him, you have to survive until he makes Alphys' soul appear, her body dust, then click *Spare in Mercy three times, He will then freeze long enough for Gaster and Mettaton to defeat him, and bring him to the lab, but sadly Alphys will never be seen again.

Item/Attack Making

Yes, in this AU, when you visit Alphys' and Gaster's lab, they show you how to correctly make an attack or item. Yes, you may have to go to various places to earn materials, such as The Dump, a vender, or Temmie village.

  • In the Ruins, you can collect Ash, Charcoal, and Coal, mostly used for making fire attacks.
  • In Snowdin, you can collect Snowman Piece, Pine Needle, Sticks, and Ice Shards, mostly used for not-as-magical attacks or items, like Flowey's ability to use seeds, or Nastablook's ability to use tears as an attack.
  • In Papyrus' and Sans' house, you can collect Burnt Spaghetti, Pan Piece, Unmoving Droplet, and Scorched Scarf, mostly used for making items.
  • At Grillby's, including the food he serves, you can collect Glass Shards, 1/2 Ketchup Bottle (which you can make into a full one if you collect two), Burnt Wood, and if you come back at the end of the game, you can collect Grillby's Glasses.
  • In Waterfall, you can collect Unmoving Droplet, Silent Fish, Seaweed, Green Coral, Black Spear, Pebbles, Red Umbrella, and Seashells, mostly used for making water attacks or items.
  • You can collect many items at The Dump. Those items include Pink/Yellow Names, Full Bags, Leftover Food, Anime Disk, Box, Shark Teeth, Broken Spear, Half-Cooked Spaghetti, Annoying Dog, Unmoving Droplet, Empty Milk Bottle, Glass Shards, Jar Cap, Bedsheet, Metal Helmet, Wet Dust, Vines, Broken Crown, Striped Sweaters, and a Tombstone, which you can't read till the end of the game, where it tells you.
  • At the Tem Shop, you can collect everything you normally can, but there is also one more item; an Empty Jar. You can't buy it, but you can store items in there to save it for the future battles to come. You may also find surprise items from other characters. Just make sure you show Temmie how to open it when it becomes too full.
  • In Hotlands you can collect Bomb, Rope Pieces, Glass Shards, Metal Poles, and Dried Magma , mostly used for items, weapons, and fire attacks.
  • In Alphys' and Gaster's Lab, you can collect True Noodles, and other things they may give you.
  • In the True Lab, you may collect Chips, White Goop, and Papers.
  • At the Dreemurr castle, you can collect Vines, Broken Crown, Destroyed Knife, Cracked Locket, and various types of flowers.


  • Frisk keeps the protagonist role
  • Gaster, Alphys, and Mettaton take the Caretakers role
  • Gaster also takes the Royal Scientist Role (Along with Alphys), while Gaster's last role is also the judge
  • Flowey, Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Muffet, Asgore, and Sans take the empty one roles
  • Chara still takes the Fallen One role, while Asriel is not within the AU, at least of knowledge at all, except for in the past with Chara

More to be added by the creator of the AU.

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