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 DECIMALTALE (or DecimalTale) is an Undertale AU created by D.T.H. on tumblr. Similarly to the likes of Ink!Sans and Error!Sans as well as Core!Frisk, DECIMALTALE is a timeline-jumping AU that stars Frisk and D☼. WIN☝👎✋☠GS GAS❄☜☼ after their UNDERTALE was completely destroyed by unlucky UNDERTALE player's computer crashing completely. Everyone in their world is now in a limbo stuck in broken files. Frisk and Gaster now travel the timelines to grab pieces of other worlds to fix their own.


Main article: DecimalTale/Story

The creator of the AU originally had plans to turn the AU into a sprite-based "playthrough" much like Storyshift and Inverted Fate however the plans quickly fell through the entire story is currently being archived.

About the AU

DECIMALTALE's story was inspired by the likes of Cross!Sans and UND_RT_LE as well as Inverted Fate and Storyshift. DECIMALTALE is said to have three routes much like the original UNDERTALE. Pacifist,Neutral, and Genocide. The one currently planned to happen first is the Neutral Route. The AU will span UNDERTALE,Underswap,Underfell,Outertale and Inverted Fate (TBD).



  • Frisk's ability to RESET can now affect other AUs as the result of them becoming an anomaly.
  • The human souls are in the possession of Frisk and Gaster.h
  • The Annoying Dog aka T͏̀o̶̧͏̢b̷̧҉ý̡̡͜ ̨́F̕҉̶̨͡o̸̸̴̵x̛͠͏̨ is no longer in control of anything. He has become just a normal dog.
  • Waterfall,Hotland,The CORE, and New Home / The Capital are all destroyed as a result of the system crash. Only the Ruins and some of Snowdin survived.


  • Frisk is now a anomaly due to the universe's complete and utter destruction at the hands of the system crash.
  • Frisk is able to talk due to the player is now gone.
  • Gaster no longer is confined to the grey room as a result of all the files being lost to the void. 
  • Everyone survived the system crash.
  • Flowey has vanished in this AU for some unexplained reason.
  • Chara has also disappeared.
  • Sans and Papyrus have now gone to work in the workshop and built Frisk and Gaster's AU traveling machine.
  • Even the Gaster Followers ,the Goner Kid , and the unused characters such as Doge and RG 03 and 04 survived.


  • It is currently unconfirmed on who or what the final bosses of the routes are.
  • Chara and Flowey's roles in this AU are also unconfirmed if they have any roles at all.

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