he is like reapertale sans but he has different powers. backstory and appearce


he was like normal sans but error sans destroyed his AU but before he could kill papyrus gaster and himself ink sans came and helped error fleeded and all of them chose one thing there was life papyrus took that path there was death witch sans took and there was both making power gaster went there POWERS
  • black bones
  • gaster blasters
  • blue bones
  • mini black hole
  • death kiss


life!papyrus:is his brother

power!gaster:is his father

error!sans: is his worst enemy

ink!sans: is his friend

Undertale Boss medley (Bones to Pick)04:53

Undertale Boss medley (Bones to Pick)

OMNILOVANIA Megalovania Undertale AU Medley03:37

OMNILOVANIA Megalovania Undertale AU Medley

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