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Dead!Papyrus is a evil version of Papyrus.



Frisk did 9 Genocide Runs to see what would happen after the next reset. Papyrus remembered the reset somehow, and he went to where Flowey was. Frisk fell down, but Papyrus broke the reset button and killed Frisk, who never loaded since their determination was lost after Papyrus broke the reset button. Then he killed Flowey and continued until everyone on his universe was dead. He then erased his universe.


His battle body colours are darker, the golden stripes turned red, and his eye turned red.


Unlike the other Papyrus-es out there, he is evil, and emotionless, just like DustTale!Sans he killed everyone in his universe, but eariler. (DustTale!Sans killed everyone from Snowdin to the throne room, while Papyrus killed everyone from The Ruins to the throne room.)


Gaster Blasters - I believe, he always uses this attack since it deals a lot of damage.

Bones - A standard attack.

Teleportation - A standard attack.

Telekinesis - A standard attack.

Fire - A standard attack.

He can reset through determination. He has a lot of determination and as a result, cannot melt from determination overdose.

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