"Really, it's nothing"

It's a portion of universe hidden from all. Nobody knows about it. De visu is an AU where only Deus!Sans exist. It's practically empty. He can see everything in all AU's, and has the power to change everything. Also can jump to another AUs, but he rarely do it.

Deus!Sans doesn't have relationship with any of his counterparts.

About the AU

This AU give to its inheritor power to control of the life and death cycle: the power to modify, rewrite and remove any timeline.

Also erase to its inheritor from the multiverse, for not replicate the inheritor for some reset.

It is the place that kept many experiments created by Deus!Sans's ancestors. They're protecting with a magical seal. They're the reponsiblility of Deus!Sans.


Some experiments are created by Deus!Sans's ancestors, taking the power of De visu.

Experiment N° 1


It was the first experiment. It sleeps for long time. It rarely wake up, only for sleep again. It doesn't know what power has, because it's a failed experiment.

Experiment N° 2

The Imitator

As its name say, it can copy abilities of anyone but last a short period. It has a cooldown and a limit of 5 abilities he can copy. For this, someone creates a kind of container that saves abilities, but it doesn't know where it is, it was hidden somewhere. He always can remove any ability that doesn't require.

Experiment N° 7


It can jump into AUs. It has a close relationship with Deus!Sans.

Experiment N° 20

The Inferno

It has a terrible personality. It has the only objective to destroy the multiverse. It can destroy anything, only by touching. It always is imprisoned by a magical seal.

Experiment N° 35

The Puppeteer

It summon and control puppets freely. He's the escape master. He can teleport to a short distance and also teleport anything and anybody.

A piece of love and hate

Unknow information yet.


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