Cameronthedarksoul takes the role of dummy in FaxsSwap (Was mad dummy in Faxstale)


The darmmy's appearence is that most demonic dummies are Structured with a horns and a head,body,has arms,wears a scarf (Summer scarf) and has stitches if you touch it they'll rip off which will show his Organs (Believe me it's disgusting).

Main story

Asgore sets up the Tutorial to teach the human how to encounter a monster for the first time there are different things you could do to Darmmy.

If you don't do anything for 8 turns he will just get bored and Floats away then asgore will have a confused face but will ignore it and continue.

If you kill the dummy then his Stiches will break and his organs will show then he will look at you with a sad face and then die Then after that the mad dummy will be angry and try to murder you.

If you talk to him he will be happy And tries to hug you and then he floats away

But mad dummy will be angry by what TERRIBLE things you said to him.


He is swapped with mad dummy (From faxstale).

The only attacks he has is dropping bombs on top of you.

He was either gonna be undyne or asriel in Faxstale but those two were taken so dummy was the only choice.

He would love to give you cookies but he doesn't since he hasn't eat anything at all so he keeps it without even telling you.

So Darmmy is pretty much a Demonic 12 year old dummy you'll have fun with him Promise!

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