Darksoul is a charecter in CNAS-Tale who represents the user Cameronthedarksoul 

Come on let's have some F U N~Darksoul  


He's a tall demon who is known as a Darksoul he's seems to be the last one of his kind after the angels found him and throw him into fun value 666 he has tend to gone crazy after he tried to escape fun value 666 call for help or cry for help everytime he tried nobody heard or came for him which he lost his mind and decided to stay here and kill/take people souls and keep them for himself so they can enter the same fate that Darksoul was in.


Darksoul is a lost demon who was beaten by the angels and thrown into a firey black void with a number saying WELCOME TO FUN VALUE 666 then he tries to call for help but nobody came after that he snapped going into a crazy mood then he decided to transform into a cartoon boy to trick people into thinking he was a hopeless boy...many people enter this kind of world he's in and when they got closer to him they get trapped by a cage and then Darksoul tells them that there gonna have fun and then he eats them he does this everyday for the rest of his life as punishment.  

Abilities and weakness


Dark sabers

Darksoul can enable his dark sabers and uses them to fight people and the damage for them is a instant kill but can be broken by a single punch.  

Dark star blazers

Darksoul can send many Dark star blazers onto the person it's the shape of a star that's dark and is on fire 

the damage is 999999999999999999999999 but that happens only at rare times so the real damage would be 1 

Insanity potions

When he throws the insanity potion at you it will drive you to insanity then he will get the chance to kill you 

and the effect only wears off in 4 mintues 


He will tend to transform into many forms he will even transform into your form to trick others groups into thinking it's the real one then Darksoul will strike the others and go for the real person (Which will be instantly killed) 

The end of the world bomb

When you weaken him he will send in the end of the world bomb which will end the entire world and the only way to stop it is too kill darksoul (he will shield himself in a ball made out of strong metal)  


His hips are weaken so can be hit by 12 hits from a paintbrush. 

when he goes into his monster form he can be hit from the tail which will destroy his form.  

Darksoul's two forms

Cartoon boy

He can turn into a calm cartoon boy but only uses to trick people and to take thier souls whenever they got close to him he goes to his demon form and takes thier hand killing them instantly.

Omega form

After he's close to death he goes into his omega form which is the shape of a dragon/bird/dog when it's shown the head of it is a corrupted dragon head but his face is on there and deformed bird wings and dog arms that surrounds the head and it has omega flowey's mouth shape but in a bird version and then many other parts of a dragon,bird and a dog appears becoming Omega Darksoul.


*He can't stand memes whenever he sees one he goes insane

*He was originally gonna be called Evilsoul.Avi

*Normally instead of him having a smile dog form he had a cartoon boy form

*He hates satan as calling him a piece of useless f*kery shit


*Coming soon 

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