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DarknessTale (AKA, DarkTale) is an AU where Frisk starts a genocide run when the first come to the Underground. Frisk abuses their determination, and in a reset, the reset button breaks. When Frisk falls down into the underground, they are in black and white, have no eyes, yet having tears streaming down their face. Flowey, who is normal, recognizes this and is confused. Frisk proceeds into the Ruins, and meets Toriel. She looks like Frisk, with no eyes and tears. She is afraid of Frisk. Because, she remembers what Frisk did in the genocide run. If Frisk decides this will be a True Pacifist, they will try to restore the memories of Toriel. Frisk had also done many other runs when abusing their determination. Frisk will try to help Toriel remember the pacifist run. If Frisk decides this will be a genocide run, they will kill Toriel when they first see her.

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