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Cameronthedarksoul takes the role of Sans/jester in Medievaltale

Dark the soul jester is a part of Gaster/Line family

Dark the soul jester- Dark the soul jester is a Medievaltale version from underkeep and undertale sans he along with Papyrus were children in the war they grew up when Mettaton's body was build as part of the gasters he is part of the Noble Family Order Though his silly Attitude doesn't fit much at all he was once called a Soul jester by mettaton as a joke but it stuck to him that he made it official The King didn't mind as a good king needed a good fool too but the lazy silly Relaxing punny fellow has been hiding a dark and terrifying secret that no one should know.


Dark the soul jester is a tall Demon boy with a Demonic smile he wears a unzipped Orange Jacket a white T-shirt/sweater, Red and white Jester pants and Two Rainbow Jester shoes he has Brown eyes that disappears when he's serious or angry When Dark uses his Powers his right eye Flashes Light blue and red The colors means paitence and Determination, And his left eye disappears.


Dark the soul jester is a laid back funny goofball,often doing funny things just to entertain the king and he sleeps and takes breaks whenever the king dismiss him His goofyness is a combination of Goofy and Funny He wonders if the muiltiverse will be gone and erased by a human who is so evil enough to end it all He admits that this knowledge could be "a useless Poor excuse of a Working Citizen"


Has met many sanses like UF! Sans,US! Sans,SS!Chara SS!Asriel and UW! Sans.

Does like many thngs including Hot dogs,Ketchup,Messing with the human,Says Bad puns and likes to serve as a jokester for the king.

Dislikes many things including Seeing Porn or Rule 34 about him,His brother dieing,The human making fun on how his brother was weak and dead.

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