Dark gaster is a split being from WD Gaster, the other half being Bright gaster he lives in the Dark void an all black void where only he lives . he is not ripped from space nor time where he is . is there is no escape .


He has a Dark gray undershirt with a light gray color a black hoodless cloak with dark gray eyes with a light gray rim same with his mouth and cracks and black bones and skull that's melting.


he is somewhat edge cranky. He is silently depressed not social and dose not trust anyone but his brother. he gets angry easily and when he dose he grows in height the room gets darker and he will continue to grow tell he has everyone's attention and when he grows there is a low pitch rumbling sound and the room around them will grow dark, and once he has their attention he will speak in a loud booming voice


  • Dark blasters
  • black bones
  • 4th wall
  • Anti-karmic retribution
  • Shadow sword


  • sensitive to light
  • not social
  • thinks everyone is bad
  • any light attack can counter Shadow swords and Dark blaster lasers


Dark gaster and light gaster used to be one being WD gaster until they fell in the core they split Bright gaster witch is the good playful fun and creative part of gaster and he lives in the anti-void. Dark gaster is the grumpy and brains part of gaster he has no friend and is all alone and depressed .when they both split the had no idea what happened the know each other before they split in fact the used to be best friends . eventually Dark gaster found a way to see into they anti-void he saw a portal open in the anti-void and someone threw a pack of cigarettes no luck the sound time he found his brother and he told Dark gaster everything he knew and what happened . it drains a lot of power form him so he rarely dose it.


Bright gaster : his brother and the only one he trusts

Rhosaith :he's heard some stories

Error404 Sans : his brother hates him so dose he

GasterGang : he's heard about them and he wants to be with them . if he can leave


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