* kid, listen. there are spoilers on this page; be careful when you're reading.

* you don't want a bad time, do ya?

Dark Chara is the main antagonist of

the first 2 parts of LogTale, an AU

created by StrikeYoko on deviantART.


Dark Charas appearance is nearly identical with Charas. The only differences are:

  • Her shirt is dark red instead of white.
  • The usual white in her eyes is also dark red, with a strange fluid always comig out of it which has the same colour.
  • Her pupils don't have highlights in it.

Dark Chara is also a part of the SOUL-Amalgamate Flowey.


  • Chara - Dark Chara really wants to get rid of her 'main part' for unknown reasons.
  • Asriel - she seems to care about Asriel in her own twisted ways. Asriel himself isn't aware of her while being Flowey, the SOUL- Amalgamate


Because of being a split personality and the embodiment of all of Charas negative feelings, Dark Charas personality is quite the opposite of Chara.

  • derogative
  • unforgiving/vengeous
  • sarcastic
  • desperate
  • ambitious
  • suffers a lot
  • would do everything to achieve her goals
  • doesn't speak as polite as Chara
  • a little bit 'edgy'
  • can be cruel
  • loves chocolate nevertheless


  • Basic Combat Skills
  • ????
  • Floweys Magic ( vines and magic bullets) as long as she is part of the SOUL-Amalgamate
  • sporty
  • ????
  • Determination perks: Time manipulation


  • Theme colour: Dark red
  • Theme instrument: violin and accordeon
  • related Undertale tracks: Your best friend; You idiot; Your best nightmare; An ending; Respite; Burn in despair!; Megalovania; (Megalo Strike Back)

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