"The Queen Is Here"-Dark!Undyne


She Killed Every Human In The Human Race She Now Lives In The Village Of The Humans Guarding The Village She Hates AUS Who Protect Everything she Looks Like Undyne But Her Armor Is Dark And She Has A Reddish Eye.

She Sometimes Is Seen Working With Killer Sans And Is Seen Killing AU Charcters And She Even Killed Alphys She Is Sometimes Seen Hanging Out With Nightmare!Sans And The Protectors Say She Is Hanging Out With The Wrong People She Ignored Them Saying "You Cant Tell Me What To Do" She Hates Sans/Underfresh And Doesnt Like His Style She Is On A Quest To Kill Ink!Sans.


She Is Friends With Killer Sans and Nightmare!Sans And She Is Working With Error She Is Enmeys With Ticktock!Sans and Ink!Sans Her Other Enmey Is Papyrus/Underswap.


She Can Use Dark Spears If Anyone Touchs These Spears They Become Mind Controlled By Dark!Undyne She Can Also Fire Shadow Balls To Her Foes.


One Day Undyne Was Walking In Waterfall Alone It Was A Rainy Stormy Night Until She Saw Something Black On The Ground.

She Decided To Go See What It Was She Looked At The Strange Thing For A Few Mintues Until The Black goo Jumped At Her Face She Fell On The Ground She Tried To Break Free But Fail Thus Dark!Undyne Was Born.


She Has Already killed 30 AU Charcters So Far

She Looks Like The Orginal Undyne.


Battle Against A True Hero Metal:

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