DariusRocks!Creator is a self insert of my self only instead of me killing Gary stu's or Mary Sue's I am actually a creator .


he most of the time is happy , calm and patient he dose not cuss and is Appropriate and dislike's other's like that and try's all he can to not fight unless you make him TO mad then he will transform into his " Monster " form he is strong enough to go up against Drift!gaster when gasters not in him strong form then he is able to easily able to beat and his full existent of power is unknown because that never happened EVER. but most of the time he is happy and almost never angary but he is a bit more sassy in his making form and he act's like an anime character in his anime form.

so in total he is calm and mostly Happy. And rarely get's angary . and is semi depressed but pushes it away so he can live a full life .


in his normal form and his least used form besides his monster form has a black shirt with one big red stripe in the middle with black shoe's Dark brown hair a left red eye and a right black eye with sort of tan skin.

his Anime form is his most used form because he like's it he wear's a Dark purple or black coat he has a sword attach to his waste with a black handle and I hole right under the blade and it has a black holder a long sleeved dark purple shirt Dark Purple pants a brown belt and a brown holder to hold his boomerang's black glove's black hair normal skin blue eye's and a White mask a small long gap for a mouth and black pupiless eye's that he wear's when he is protecting so no one see's his face .

his Making or his creator form he has brown hair a gray long sleeve under shirt with a red sort of vest with no right strap black button's blue pant's black sandals and a yellow sort of jar that gose on his back and a sort of yellow dust come's out that he can control with his mind it can create almost any thing or it can recreate most any thing his supply is up to 10 ton's of it and he call's it tixerole he store's it all in his jar he can also use it to protect himself or form it into weapon's but after creating something it take's a while for it to regenerate if it is loose it is vary easy to break but if it is compressed it can be as strong as steal .

his monster form is tall a giant side way's mouth on a faceless head that is white a big red tong a black tuxedo claw's and a black tie.


1 form ( aka normal form )

  • Basically nothing special.

2 form ( aka anime form )

  • a sword that he is skilled with .
  • Boomerangs that he can throw quickly.
  • 19 mph run
  • super jump : can jump on 3 story building's
  • Deflect

3 form ( aka making form )

  • tixerole
  • Super form : he attack's with full speed and is vary aggressive ( this only happens if betty or other's of her power level attack )

4 form ( aka monster form )

  • Claw's
  • bite
  • 40 mph
  • 600ft jump
  • fear: freeze your enemy in fear
  • his full power is unknown


he was once a kid but someone came along and killed his family he tried to fight back but instead got cursed so when ever he is angary he turn's into his monster form and his personality split when he feel's nothing it's his normal form when he is happy or calm it is his anime form when he's angary it's his monster form and when he remembers his family or if he's sassy it's his making form and when he is sad he is in his 5th form.


Negatale : he find's them sad and want's to help.

Drifttale : there back story is well sad .

Handplates : he also find's them sad and he like's to watch sad AU's to make himself feel better.

( not to social )


images of him are on my profile

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