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'Death devoured this place. It's a danger to the multiverse. Our guardian Eras was once here. Now he's gone and we don't know what happened to him. It's a catastrophic place. No one knows how it's still standing'.

-Florence the Flower


OverIsland, (now known as Dangersite) is a catastrophic/disaster AU. It's set in a mythical place called Tidulidde (Tide-ool-ide), a big island situated in the ocean that consists of waterfalls, farm land, snowy mountains, villages and Savannah. This AU is very dangerous and corrupted as many parasites, including Fresh found their way to it. Tidulidde was once a happy and bright place. Many of the main characters and citizens are now deceased.


Eras the Skeleton was the first character to be born in this AU, he would later become Fresh. Rowan was the first human to fall down. This human permanently turned the AU into a genocide timeline. He enslaved the citizens, but was eventually defeated. Many years ago a parasite attempted to drown Eras and attacked him. He escaped with a new attire and moved to Underfresh. Currently the AU is barely staying together, unless Eras returns someday from corruption.


-The name comes from danger and (para)site.

-Eras usually protects this AU instead of Ink.

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