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Danceshift is an Undertale AU that is parallel to the main world of Storyshift but instead of attacks, all the characters have a unique dance style that the main character must follow to avoid being injured. Danceshift is a combination of Dancetale and Storyshift

Every Monster is dressed according to their dance type, and their theme/fight


Frisk, upon falling down Mount Ebott did not originally know how to dance but was taught the basics by Papyrus and picked up dances from other monsters they encounter.The dance they personally prefer is ballet, cause of how calm they are.


Performs ballet. Wears the Old Tutu.


Performs freestyle modern dances, that includes tricks and backflips, Like how Chara does there Dance.

Papyrus, Sans Napstablook

Do waltz and other ballroom dancing.


Performs Latin dance (Tango, Salsa etc) Wears blue Latin dance shirt with lighter blue pressed pants and tap dancing shoes.


Performs Hip - hop (J-pop and K-pop and Jazz influenced generally verging on punk music) Wears high-top and sweatpants.

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