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Dancefell is an Undertale AU that is parallel to the main world of Underfell but instead of attacks all the characters have a unique dance style that the main character must avoid to avoid getting injured.


People can call Frisk boy or girl but Frisk has been confirmed to have no gender.

Frisk upon falling down into the underground of Mount Ebott did not know how to dance but was taught the basics by Flowey.



Performs ballet. Wears the Old Tutu. Viewed as any gender people see her as but can still be referred to as 'they'.


Dances same moves as Mettaton, Glad Dummy and their cousin, Dummy.


He always uses Latin dance moves to try to kill you. You have to dance like him and dodge death traps. He is sometimes predicted with a dead flower in his mouth.


Sans will still do Hip-Hop but more violently during battle. Sans wears a red hoodie, a black t-shirt underneath, black sweatpants/shorts with a white line down either pant leg, and casual sneakers but they are red and black.


Toriel does Waltz and other kinds of fancy dance moves. She wears a red gown that has a swirling skirt but ripped


Undyne does Hip-hop, mostly Punk or Rock Music. Her theme mostly consists of Rock and/or Punk. She wears armor with holes and scratches on it when first being met. Her casual outfit is a scratched up tank top and long black pants.


  • Dancefell has no true creator.